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Ukraine Experiences Severe Imbalance of Demand for and Supply of Modern Physical and Psychological Rehab Facilities

With population of approx. 41 million people, total number of people requiring physical and/or psychological rehabilitation of various degrees in Ukraine amounts to 450 thousand people

  • 395 thousand people – disabled adults
  • 25 thousand people – disabled children
  • 30 thousand adults – children with cerebral palsy

Number of disabled people is further compounded by growing number of soldiers and civilians wounded in military conflict in Eastern Ukraine – c. 16 thousand people in 2015-2016

60% of disabled people in Ukraine express interest to receiving rehabilitation services 2 a year or more times

Existing physical/psychological rehabilitation facilities can serve approx. 93 thousand people annually, significantly below the level of demand

The problem of insufficient number of rehabilitation facilities was recently exacerbated by loss of large facilities in Saki, Crimea and Slavyansk, Donets region

On top of insufficient number of rehab facilities the industry suffers from extremely low funding as the majority of facilities are state-owned

  • Historically, Ukraine underfunded rehab facilities and budgetary cuts were made recently as a result of ongoing economic downturn
  • In 2015 rehab facilities were underfunded by 53%

Rehab Facilities Specializing on Disabled People, Cerebral Palsy Patients


Slavyansk facility

  • Patients served annually – 7 353
  • 255 rooms, 766 beds
  • Key services – speleotherapy, hydrotherapy, leech therapy, physiotherapy and exercise therapy, treatment with medicine

Saki facility

  • Patients served annually – 3 561
  • 123 rooms, 371 beds
  • Key services – mud therapy, physiotherapy and exercise therapy, treatment with medicines

Regional facilities

Most regional and large city hospitals have small rehabilitation programs
Key features:

  • Small-sized
  • Lack of skilled doctors
  • Limited scope and questionable quality of services
  • No specialized facilities